April 8, 2020

Social Media that PAYS

You’ve probably heard about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, but do you know about “rewards-based” social media apps (DApps)? They’re defnitely up-and-coming! The concept is simple: rather than a large social media platform corporation storing user data which is then sold to advertisers, DApps use blockchain technology to store data, and reward users for their engagement. Rewards are provided in the form of cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for fiat money (US Dollar, Euro, Yen, Peso, etc) wherever the user is located in the world. It really works!

To get started, use MY REFERRAL LINK. In a few days you’ll get an invitation to download it from Google Play (Android) or via Test Flight (iPhone).

APPICS is truly a global (and social) community, with a common thread of a “sharing” economy. You’ll generally find a different audience on these platforms than you would on traditional social media platforms. As an example of some of the social networking that takes place, the person who introduced me to APPICS contributes $5.00 worth of their weekly earnings to someone in Venezuela, who uses it to feed their family. Now THAT’s the power of a global marketplace and community. It’s intended to be an equalizer.

If you sell a product or service which you offer to people all over the world, consider being an advertiser on the platform! APPICS has user interest categories, so your ad is more likely to be noticed than on traditional social media platforms. You can also use your standard account for business purposes: your profile has room for your website URL, tagline and description about you and what you offer. Some categories are: business, tech, crypto, fashion, gaming, lifestyle, animals, sports, fitness, dance, art, music, travel, food, beauty, comedy, purpose, and wisdom.

Advertisers who “give something back” to their community are strongly encouraged and welcomed to the platform. If you know of a purpose-driven company, B-Corporation or a business that is doing something to benefit others and they might be interested in advertising to this market, let me know and I can follow up.


APPICS is a next-generation social media DApp, similar to Instagram (posts are in photo and video format). The main differences are those mentioned above: user content is stored on the blockchain, and users are rewarded (in cryptocurrency). The APPICS DApp was soft-launched for early adopters so with a little effort, you’ll be on your way. Use my referral link to get started. I don’t get compensated for referrals: using my link & attending an introductory Team 10X zoom meeting benefits you because it’s MUCH easier to get an account set up when you have support, plus you’ll learn how to get the “power” you’ll need to Post, Comment, and Vote(Like).  Email me if you need assistance: our online meetings offer success insights and time for Q & A. Once you’re registered and logged into the APPICS platform, be sure to search for and follow me @ “SoCalSophie” so we’ll be connected! (SoCalSophie is my username on other blockchain platforms as well).


Uptrennd, PeakD, HIVE, Steemit, DTube


If you are a blogger, there are blockchain DApps for you: a few of the most popular are Uptrennd (a referral link from a friend I know gives you 100 points…and then…here’s a link to follow me), PeakD (an entry point into the blockchain community), Steemit, HIVE (consisting largely of previous Steemit members until politics happened with Justin Sun and TRON), and DTube (a “Decentralized” video platform, similar to YouTube). Join our Team 10X zoom meetings to learn more about promoting your content on any of these DApps.


Join millions of users around the world who are already using existing decentralized blockchain technology and investing in cryptocurrency! Speaking of investing…

Coinbase is one place to start, and EToro, where you can “copy” crypto-traders’ activity by using funds from your own account. As of April 2020, each of us gets $10 worth of Bitcoin when you fund your Coinbase account, and $50 for your registration on EToro. Coinbase also offers an opportunity to earn tokens by learning about each one. *Update: contact me first before using the Etoro link….I need to complete something first.

Be Aware! Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. If you plan to invest, I recommend you 1) start small 2) contribute only what you can afford to lose and/or 3) just join APPICS and earn as you go – no investment required! If you’re on social media anyway, why not earn crypto too?


1- Register for APPICS using this link
2- Register for a Steem account (let me know when you finish step #1 then our Team 10X can help you with Steem
3- Download the DApp (requires TestFlight for iOS and a Google Play invitation for Android), log in, then post, comment, vote, and EARN!

Stay tuned for our Team 10X virtual meetings via Zoom, where you can meet others  and get support with how to succeed on the platform. Email us for the schedule and our unique meeting code.


We’ve been providing marketing services (website development, SEO, Google Ads, social media and email campaigns, etc.) for several years and recently started offering social media account management for businesses who want to advertise to a different audience – via the blockchain. If you don’t need account management and you just want the information for a personal account you can still be a part of our “Team 10X” which helps you get an account and where you can meet other people to support your success.